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E Visa for Turkey for Bangladeshi citizens

By Tanjina Pervin

My daughter and I have a valid Schenzen visa for 10 days. I am flying to Amsterdam and then to Paris on the 18th, and the visa will be valid until 28/2/2024. We are Bangladeshi citizens. We wish to return to Bangladesh but visit Turkey from 28th Feb to 1 March. Can we apply for e visa for Turkey. The Schenzen visa is valid now but will expire on the 28th Feb.



By Ash

I am planning on applying a turkey E visa. My indian passport is expiring soon and I am applying for a new one. I will use the new passport to apply for the Turkey E visa. My valid H-1B USA visa is present on my current passport though which I will no longer use for the application of Turkey E visa since its going to expire in less than 180 days. So, can I apply for the E visa with my valid H-1B visa in my old passport considering I will travel with my old and new passports? So, basically is it possible for me to travel to Turkey without a visa stamping on my new passport?

Also, I have a US visa stamped on my current passport but I never traveled with that visa to the US before. Can I still use that? Appreciate the help


Do i need to apply for transit visa??

By Tanjid Hossain

Assalamualikum. I am going to book a flight of gulf Airlines from dhaka to copenhagen on 19th February.I will have 6 hours 5minute transit on istambul. Do i need to apply for transit visa??


Turkey Business Visa


Hello Dear Sir/madame
Hope you have good time , I am Adil JALALI having my own business in Afghanistan .
I want to apply for One year Business Visa kindly I request you to help me.
Best regards.


Turkey Transit Visa Inquiry


Good day,
I would like to ask for an advice: I am a Philippine Passport holder, with Japanese residence permit. I recently got my Schengen tourist visa (as I will be visiting Europe April-May). My exit country will be in Rome (FCO airport). I am thinking of getting this flight itinerary from EU to JAPAN: Turkish Airlines ROME-> Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) - Istanbul Airport (10h layover) -> Osaka KIX Airport.
Since I will need a transit visa, how should I go about it?

Thank you very much.


Supporting documents for Turkish e-visa

By Finz

Hi, how do I apply for a Turkish tourism visa on an Indian passport currently residing in New Zealand without a valid supporting document (Valid visa or valid residence permit from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland)?


Tourist Visa for Afghan citizen with Canadian PR

By Saif Naeemzadah

Hello, just wanted some one to shade some light I regards to travelling to Turkey for vacation with Afghan Passport along with Canadian permanent resident Card. Thank you in advance


Didn't receive the turkey health certificate

By Gursewak dhillon

Hi I have applied for turkish health certificate yesterday with fast processing. But I didn't receive it. Is it required. Can you please help. Thanks.


visa application for foreign living in Austria

By Abdullah AL-Zubaidi

I want to apply for a visa to to enter Turkey. I am originally from Iraq but I live in Austria and have a convention passport. How can I apply for a visa? I tried to do it online but it was not possible. Can you help me please?


Clarity needed on visa type

By Rana Mukherjee


I am an Indian national with employment pass in Singapore. For an IT project delivery in Turkey, I need to travel multiple times to Turkey in next 12 months, each visit anywhere between 1-3 weeks. Can you please suggest the correct visa type for this need? Will e-visa be applicable here?

Rana Mukherjee


hello merhaba appointment regarding

By Nazrana Ossman

Hello hope you are well
iv been trying to apply my visa like a normally do on this website

but for some reason i cant get through it..
im a mozambican resident in south africa i normally get my visa done the same way im doing
but for some reason i cant get it done this time
i would like to ask if you can maybe send me the correct website or if anything changed?
because i need to go to istanbul for business purpose in march …
please help me



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