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Cancel my Visa


Application ID: T7738513IGF.

I would like to cancel my visa application


payment for visa


I just applied an visa and my bank shows the 105 euros are successfully paid, but the website shows it is not paid.
Could you please check what's wrong in the process (my passport id is E43922344)?
Many thanks in advance


Tourist Visa Question

By Malik Junaid

Hey guys,

I am a Pakistani citizen living in Berlin for about 8 years, I have a schengen Visa and also am in the process of getting my blue card here in Germany, I have also started my nationality process as well to become a German citizen, my question is, which visa should I get as a tourist with a schengen visa? And how long does the process take?


E visa for permanent residence in canada sudanese

By Mohamed

My wife ad me planning to go to turkey for honey moon in july and we dont have time to apply cuz she coming to UAE from canada is it possible to apply for e visa if she has the permanent residence in canada ?


E-visa for Turkey

By Gbemisola Jones

I am a Nigerian living in UK holding the BRP, can I apply for online Turkish e-visa?


ID - T3280649JNO

By Kenneth Allan Donovan

Just wondering how long before till we get our E visa for turkey, we are leaving on the morning of the 26th may 2023 Kenneth and Robyn Donovan



Refund Money

By AZBA Mohammedsiddiq Campwala


I made the transaction with wrong details for my travel and family members, I request for the process to be cancelled and money to be refunded.
My application ID: T8007431RIL

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Turkish tourist visa

By jacqueline

How do I apply for transit visa for transiting to Panama which requires an overnight stay. I am nigerian residing in the Gambia. Thank you


Tourism visa requirements

By Mustafa Sumer AL-Barkaoui

i am mustafa sumer Al-barkaoui a syrian director and i live in dubai
and i want to apply for a Tourism visa this summer to turkey
what is the requirements ?


Pasaport Yenileme

By Selim CIL


Ben 55879430922 TC Kimlik numarali Selim CIL.

Pasaportumu kaybettim ve yeniden pasaport basvurusu yapmak istiyorum.

Bununla ilgili bana yardimci olabilir misin?

Iyi Calismalar

Selim CIL


power attorney

By Kamran Amiri

I need to give a power attorney to some one inside turkey so how can I do that?


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