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2 hours transit in Istanbul

By Mohammad Alhashim

If I have a connecting flight through Istanbul, for two hours transit, do I need to issue a transit visa?


For turkey working visa

By Sanjay

I am sanjay bishwa from nepal i am welder i have 7 years experience and i want to come there



Travel to Turkiye on Official Passport

By Raza Nawab

How long can I stay at Turkiye (without visa) if I travel in blue passport?


Earlier entry date

By Lucia Emma Poloni

I have an eVisa with an entry date of 10 June 2023. The FAQ states I cannot enter Turkey prior to that date.However, if I want to go to Turkey a few days earlier, do I need to pay for a new Visa?


Evisa time in

By Ali

I reserve my flight on 16 April to turkey the i implemented E visa on from 16 April after that my flight canceled as thier issue and i found on day before on 15 April arrived at 22:00 can i use my evisa for interance remaining 2 hours only to 16 April


Switching of surname and name in turkey e-visa

By Preetham reddy

I am Aligireddy preetham Reddy. I have applied for an e-visa to turkey. In the application, i have mentioned name(preetham reddy) in surname(aligireddy) bracket and vice versa. Needs correction. kindly do the needful. Thank you




By Charlotte Prowse

Hi, i am in the UK and have rented a property on Fetiyhe due to start on June 1st but I have been told as a first time applicant i can no longer apply. I have to pay for the year rental on the property in May and was due to live June 1st and start my application when I arrive. Please can you help me with this. Thank you.



By Christine Hazel Rollom



e-VISA to Turkey: Valid Shengen visa

By Rozhan Gawdan

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope you are well and Ramadan Kareem.

I am planning to fly from Rome to Erbil, through Pegasus airlines on 19th April. I am IRAQI citizen (valid passport) my Shengen visa expires on 22nd April.

I don't plan to visit Turkey, I have an 8 hour transit and my flight is not connected (self trasfer).

My question is if I apply to e-visa, will it be valid knowing that my Schengen visa finishes on 19th April and I intend to deprt to Erbil on the same day ??

Thank you and kind regards,
Rozhan Gawdan


Visit Visa for Guests

By Jayanta Sen

I am Indian and for business trip will go to Turkey from Dubai, as I am staying here only. And my Company will arrange my Visa. I have guests from Bangladesh, One Family with Kid, if they want to come with me, what documents they need for Visa ? Can I apply for them in Dubai or they have to apply in Bangladesh only, as they are staying there. How to go ahead and what documents required for them ? As they are travelling first time, so they wants to go together. Waiting for kind response at the earliest. - Jayanta Sen


Turkish language certification

By Muhammed Musah

I wanted to to know how is possible to write a standardised exams for the certification of the Turkish language.


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