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Visa for flights stops?

By Fabiola Padilla

Hi, I am Mexican but live in Norway. In July, I will travel to Mexico City, and my flight stop is in Istanbul (Oslo - Istambul - Mexico City); in August, my flight back is the same but backwards (Mexico City - Istanbul - Oslo).
Do I need a Visa for these stops?


Supporting Document for minors

By Muhammad Faizan Yousuf


I am living in Ireland along with my family of spouse and 2 daughters. I would like to apply for e tourist visa for Turkey.

Under supporting document section, i can attach residence permit for myself and my wife. However i can't provide it for my daughters and as Irish government do not issue residence permit for children under 16 years of age.

Can you please guide which supporting document i can either use for my daughters?

Thank you,


I am interested in tourist visa,


I want to visit Turkey with my Ukrainian family, for about 7 days. I have Ukraine and Polish residents permit.


Can i apply for E-Visa

By Ifelunwa Okolocha

Hello,I would like to enquire if UK resident with Nigerian and Uk passport can apply for Turkish tourist e-visa and if yes,what is the cost?

Kind regards

Ifelunwa Okolocha


Airport transit visa

By zeb

Hi, where do I buy an airport transit visa as I'm traveling with an Afghan passport and a United Kingdom BRP card and will be stopping at an airport in Türkiye for 2 hours?


Enquiry regarding visiting to Turkey

By Shiny Raveendran

Hi There
I would like to book holiday in Turkey from June 16th till 23 rd. My BRP card renewal date is on 2nd August 2024. Is it safe for me to travel to Turkey as my visa will be valid till 2 August? Will there be any issues to get e-visa to Turkey?
Hope you understand and guide me further. Thank you


Tourism Visa on arrival

By Ken

Hi team
Can I get visa on arrival as a Philippines national but a residence of United Kingdom? Please advise.


Tourist visa application

By Georgina Mokwunye

I live in the uk as a student currently holding a Nigerian passport and I intend to visit Turkey but can’t Same to find how to apply for my visa. Please a call or a guideline won’t hurt. Thank you. Reply me mail please as it’s urgent.




I would like to make an enquiry about Turkey Tourist Visa, I have a UK BRP with a Nigerian Passport , would like to make an enquiry on how to go about it . Thanks


Carta de Asignación Aprobada por el Ministerio de Cultura y Turismo

By Dante

Vize ba?vurusu yapmak istiyorum ama Kültür ve Turizm Bakanl??? Onayl? Görevlendirme Yaz?s?n?n nerede ve nas?l yap?ld???n? bilmiyorum.



visa application electronically

By Omar Abdelsalam

Hello, I am studying in Canada and have a student visa. I am also still completing my studies and obtained a Schengen visa on August 26, 2024. I want to travel to Turkey for tourism in June 2024. I will submit my visa application electronically. Is there a problem, knowing that I will meet my family there for tourism as well, and I have a hotel reservation and the financial cost?


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