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Visa application Urgent

By Heather Wanenge

I need an urgent appointment for my visa application .
l have booked a holiday for my 40th birthday from 6th to 11th May . l have accommodation and flights booked with 6 of my friends . it would be a real lose if i dont go.
please help


I am a palestinian refugee in Lebanon

By Omar

Greetings, I am a palestinian refugee in Lebanon and want to apply for a tourist visa to turkey but don't know what nationality to choose in the e-visa application form or how to book an appointment ! can you please help ?

thank you


Applying a visa for an infant

By Masood Ahmadi

Dear sir/Madam

I am looking forward to apply a visa for my infant baby boy from Pakistan or if it possible from afghanistan and I believe that embassy in afghanistan has been shut down due to the government changes.
And i have been in turkey with my wife and we got residence permits as well and for some reasons we come back to our country and we got a new baby boy so now we want to get him a visa so we can travel back to turkey because we have residents cards extension before it expired 18/07/2023 .
I request the embassy humbly to respond to my message/request to get the baby visa and travel to turkey..

Name: Masood Ahmadi
FIN: 99681875700

Kind regards…


I need a job

By Kayaan abbas

Sir i need a job
I am safring and Facing very bad conditions in my life. Sir In My Family, We are 6 members, two sisters Unmarried,there's responsibility Depends upon myself.I belong to poor family. Sir in country everything is so Costly. I am a inventory officer in AL fatah shopping mall Lahore. My selery is to low,and responsibilities to much. Sir kindly give me a Job in Your Country. I am very thankful to you. Allah Almighty Gives you a lot of Happiness. INSHALLAH.


Traveling to Turkiye

By Oktay Koksal

I am traveling to Turkiye in August and I have my Republic of Turkey Identity Card (38113772484). I am 33 years old and have not done my military service. I would like to book an appointment to discuss what I need to do before I travel in terms of my military services

Thank you
Oktay Koksal
Mobile - 0421 511 878


Vanuatu passport apply Turkey visa

By blair

Hello?Is it necessary for my friend to hold a US/Ireland/UK/Schengen visa when holding a Vanuatu passport? What information do we need to apply for labeling in Türkiye Embassy in Malaysia when we are in Malaysia


Travel to turkey

By Shahzad Saleem

I have a pakistani passport which expires 10 Sept 2023. I wish to use it to travel to turkey for a couple of weeks' holiday. My British passport is out of date. Am I able to travel if I use my pakistan passport and will I need a visa.


Inquiry regarding visa requirements for one-day visit to Istanbul

By Ahmed Mohamed Mansour Mahmoud Ouda

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inquire about the visa requirements for a one-day visit to Istanbul. I am a resident of Denmark and hold a valid residence permit that is valid until June. My passport, however, is only valid until September.

I will be traveling from Copenhagen to Uzbekistan with a layover in Istanbul, and I plan to leave the airport during my layover to explore the city.

However, I am unsure if I need a visa for a one-day visit and would appreciate any information you can provide regarding the visa requirements for my specific situation. Additionally, if a visa is required, could you please provide information on the application process and any necessary documents?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Ahmed Mansour


Apply work permit from inside Turkey

By Mamiek S

I want to ask. I find a job in Turkey, I already contact the person who gives me a job and we made contract. For some reasons I can't go to Jakarta, Indonesia (my country) to apply work permit in Turkish embassy. If I go to Turkey using visa for visit and apply work permit there with the person who gives me job. Will I get it (the work permit)? Or are there other things I need to do there?
Thank you


The visa cost from Cairo to Turkey

By Hana Saleh Sabrah

I will be in Cairo in May for tourism and I would like to ask about the cost of visa for Yemeni people since I am from Yemen


Tourist visa for my parents

By Del Aram

To whom it may concern
I am a US PR and My parents want to apply for a US tourist visa at a US embassy in turkey, they currently reside in Iran, but have afghan citizenship and passport, I would like to know how can we get their turkey visa. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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