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Can I use my e-visa for self-transfer at the airport? I am travelling to London via Istanbul airport can I show my e-visa as a turkey transit visa.


How can I apply to help out in Turkey

By Quinton Wayne Youle

Good evening
I would like to volunteer to help in Turkey or Syria to assist in wherever help is needed. 0734351717.


Problem re eVisa

By Norman Sharpe

Dear Sir,
I applied for an eVisa to Turkey and it was granted very quickly. However, afterwards I realised I had added 'Australia' to the place of birth in addition to the name of the town, where I was born. Therefore, that visa doesn't match 100% with my passport, it has that extra 'Australia'. I then applied for another eVisa, when I went to confirm the email application, the website said there had been an error and it had been reported to the authorities. I'm now worried re my visa. Could you please advise me. Thank you so much. I live on the Gold Coast and can easily come to see you in person if necessary.
Kind Regards
Norman Sharpe. PH 0412 455 444


e-visa necessary?

By Renee Charles

Is an E-Visa necessary for a week vacation in turkey.
I am a Grenadian citizen.


Payment required question.

By William Gregory Parfitt

My understanding is that the cost for a temporary visa is $60 US per person for Canadian residents. I completed the application and noted that the cost for my wife and I totalled $231.00 instead of $120 plus a small additional fee. How do I change my application to get the correct fee?


I have a valid e-visan but renewed my passport

By Hany Yassin

Dear Sir,
I have a valid e-visa that was obtained two month ago. However, last month I have renewed my passport that was used for visa application. I have the old (canceled) and new passports with me now. Do I need to apply for a new e-visa or I can still use the old one if I show both passports at the airport in Turkey?

Many thanks,


Turkey Visa with Emirates ID

By Esmatullah Dawoodzai

Dear Sir/Madam,

can I get the visa as I have Emirates ID but I m Afghanistan National.

Thank you for the cooperation


Credit Card Declined

By Brandon Masso

When i go to pay it keeps declining my card. Everything looks correct when i fill out my information.


RE: Message says: can't process--takes me to Stripe--asking for personal info

By Jacob Adams

Does this sound right to anyone?
It says it won't process my payment--then takes me to Stripe--which is asking for personal information including my bank.
Is this legit? or no?



Need turkey visit visa

By Mohsin Mubarik

Dear Sir/Madam,

I need turkey visit visa I lived in Germany with my mother we have German Travel documents ( Blue passport)

My father lives in Pakistan he need also visit visa from turkey

Total 4 peoples visa requires.

2 From Germany and 2 from Pakistan. We have valid Passport ID card etc.

Please contact with us. How can we together visit visa apply for turkey?

Thank you


Viss för turism

By Mohammad Kamali

Jag och min familj har resedokument från sverige. Vi bör i Sverige och vi har uppehållstillstånd från sverige och bo kommer från Iran men vi har inte Iranspassport.
Hur vi kan få turist visa av er?


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