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Turkey Visa for Best Diplomacy

By Aakrit Maharjan

I want to visit office. Please provide me contact number so that I can contact and visit the office


A new query about a publication on turkey-e-visas.com

By Rahsaan Rutherford


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visa for a Sudanese student in Iran

By Mohammed Alkaber Ahmed

I'm a Sudanese student, I live in Iran and my passport will expire soon so I need to renew it. Can I have a visa to do this in our embassy in Turkey? because we don't have one here in Iran


I cannot find Syrian citizenship


I cannot find Syrian citizenship in the list of countries that want to obtain a visa, knowing that I have permanent residency in Canada.


Work visa application

By Sarah Mayo

To Whom It May Concern,

I am applying for a work visa for my employment in Turkey and have attempted to fill in the online application. However, when I try to select the visa type, the drop down menu does not function. Any assistance you can offer with setting up an appointment at the embassy for my application would be much appreciated.

Kindest regards,


Single Name on passport

By Abdul

I want to apply e-visa for my son but he have only surname no given name on passport can we put same in given and surname


E visa for holiday visit


Hi Team
i would like to visit Turkey for a week in August. I am currently living and working in UK with a Indian passport. I do hold ILR visa /resident permit visa. Can you please tell me what visa would i need. Is it an Evisa or visa on arrival.

Thank you


information for E.Visa

By samara

I am pakistani citizen resident in china ... i want to come to turkey for travel purposes .. i am working in china so i hold residence permit of china ... am i eligibal for E Visa ?
where can i find information ? can you please send any link which can help me


e-Visa for a permanent resident of Australia

By Zain

Hi My wife is a citizen of Pakistan but a permanent resident of Australia. Can she apply e-Visa?
Me and my son are both citizens of Australia and my wife will be a citizen of Australia next year. We are planning to visit Turkey for leisure for 4 days. Let me know if I can apply e-Visa for my wife as well


Visa Inquiry for Transit Stay in Istanbul

By Dr. Fayaz Ali Shah

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Dr. Fayaz Ali Shah, and I am writing to inquire about the visa requirements for Turkish transit during my upcoming travel plans.

I am scheduled to travel from Islamabad to New York via Turkish Airlines on 30th July. During this journey, I will have a layover in Istanbul for approximately 28 hours. I hold an official passport and am currently employed as an Associate Professor at Islamia College University Peshawar, Pakistan.

Could you please advise whether I require a Turkish visa to enter Istanbul for this brief stay? If a visa is necessary, I would also appreciate guidance on the application process and any specific requirements for individuals traveling on official passports.

Your assistance in clarifying this matter would be greatly appreciated as it will help me ensure a smooth transit during my journey.

Thank you very much for your attention to this inquiry. I look forward to your prompt response.


Certifying a birth certificate

By Samer

Dear Peruvian Consulate in Istambul.

My name is Samer Mouawad, I am a Lebanese citizen residing in Peru.
I recently started organizing my documents to apply for naturalization, and one of the requirements is a birth certificate that is certified by a Peruvian authority.

One of the closest consulates to Lebanon for Peru is in Turkey.

Would it be possible to certify my birth certificate at the Peruvian Consulate in Istambul?

What are the requirements? Should I translate it into English and Spanish? (from Arabic)
Do I need to personally travel to Istambul or is it possible to send it by mail from Lebanon?

Thank you,


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