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Transit visa to Nigeria

By Raymond Odudu

I hold a UK resident permit, I have a Nigerian passport, how do i secure a transit visa via turkey, I intend to do a stop over for a nite in turkey


issue e-Visa turkey...

By Ahmed

I have tried to apply for E-visa via the portal 2 times and for some reason I am receiving the following error even though I am eligible for the E-Visa, this error pops up when I verify my email :

Unfortunately, we are not able to issue e-Visa for you.



By Shanaaz

Good day Sir/Madam I trust that this message finds you well. I have been trying to contact the Turkish embassy in Nigeria for many days now and cannot seem to get through. I need urgent assistance with the requirements for a Montage/AMS visa for a Nigeria national.


how to apply online for a work visa

By annonymous

What documents do I need in order to apply for a work visa? And how can I apply online? Thanks in advance!


7 days Turkey visit

By Hassan Nazeim

I am Egyptian 46 years old , holding a work permit and resident in UK, I want visit turkey for 7 days, do I need to apply for a visa or I don’t need visa or I can get it in the airport. Much appreciated answering my inquiry.


Do I need a Transit Visa for a 2H55minute lay over?

By Tia-Meree Erdmann

Arriving at 04H40 in Istanbul and departing after 3 hours with transfer, Turkish Airlines to UK. Do I need a Transit Visa


URGENT- Having problems applying online

By Sarah Mayo

To Whom It May Concern,

I am trying to apply for a work visa as soon as possible as I start working in Ankara in August. However, I am having difficulty filling out the online application form as the drop down menu for visa type does not work for me, and I cannot submit the application as a result. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Sarah Mayo


I want to update the arrival date

By samir

I have submitted 6 traveler application and 5 of them Travel on the 23th or july and one of them on the 6th of july is that possible to have different arrivals date ?


Turkey Visa for Best Diplomacy

By Aakrit Maharjan

I want to visit office. Please provide me contact number so that I can contact and visit the office


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By Rahsaan Rutherford


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visa for a Sudanese student in Iran

By Mohammed Alkaber Ahmed

I'm a Sudanese student, I live in Iran and my passport will expire soon so I need to renew it. Can I have a visa to do this in our embassy in Turkey? because we don't have one here in Iran


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