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Student visa re application

By Jean d'amour Nisingizwe

Does my student visa sponsor have to be my direct relative? Or even my family friend can sponsor me?


Visa re application

By Jean d'amour Nisingizwe

Can my sponsor be a family friend? Or he/she has to be a direct family relative?



Evisa for Nigerian citizen

By Adebayo mariam olajumoke

I want to visit turkey as a tourist March 20 can I get an evisa as a Nigerian citizen


Bulgarian visa

By Alex

Can you please tell me where and how I can get a Bulgarian tourist visa in Istanbul? Thank you


Hello dear sir or madam

By Homa Miraei

Hello good time. I am Homa (Mirzai). I live in London. I want to apply online for Turkish e-Visa to visit my husband. My husband is from Afghanistan and currently lives in Iran. Can my documents help my husband? So that my husband can receive Turkish electronic visa or not. I need your information in this field, can you help me, thank you very much. Homa Mirzai


Where is my visa online

By Malak Minattou Amidane

Hi there, I did apply for a online visa to Turkey. And I don’t redivide it yet ..
im just asking how much time it gonna take? And if u rejected it if im gonna resive an email too?
I hope u can help me and answer..
thank you



By Jennifer Martin

Good day
If I am going to Turkey and Spain, would I also need to get a visa for Spain, or is this visa a full Schengen visa?
Many thanks
Jenny Martin



By Per Olsson

Sverige kommer aldrig att gå med i NATO så länge Turkiet är medlem av NATO, Det innebär att Sverige aldrig kommer att gå med i NATO. Turkiet får klara sig självt.

Per Olsson


i want to do fingerprint at embassy

By lily

I want to do fingerprint at embassy


Expedited Business Visa

By Michael

Good day, I would like to apply for an expedited Business Visa for Turkey. I have already purchased my ticket, booked my hotel, acquired the police clearance and all the necessary documents required. I would like to know how I can go about the process in Zimbabwe. What are the prices?



E visa information

By M Wasim Alattar

My nationality is Syria.
I have residency in Saudi and I got schengen visa can I got e-visa for 3 days to Turkey


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