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Single Visa entry to Egypt for Moroccan Passport in Turkey


Hello Sir,
We are three female friends now working in istanbul Turkey originally from Morocco (Moroccan citizen and hold Moroccan passport) y and we want to visit sharm el sheikh (only) in November 28th till December 3rd 2023 –
We appreciate your help in assisting us getting single entry visa to Egypt (Sharm El sheikh only). We already have flight tickets and hotel reservation.
Sincerely yours


Cancel transaction fee

By Shaheryar Memon

I recently applied visa for my family and my self and I would like to cancel the transaction because I dont want to do the visa process anymore


Question about my visa

By Mohamed Eldarasi

Applied for the visa on October 12 and until now nothing has arrived. What is the reason and the flight is on November 12?


turkey tourist visa, I am a Nigeria leaving in the united kingdom and i would like to visit turkey soon

By abayomi kinglsey oduntan

I am a Nigeria leaving in the united kingdom and I would like to visit turkey soon. I have a valid brp , biometric resident permit and I am making finding on google when I bump into your site.
I will like to know the procedures for a visa application and how long it will take for processing, visa duration etc.


Turkey evisa to travel to turkey

By Charmaine Henry

Do I need an E Visa if I have a resident card for the UK? To go to Turkey I have a USA passport but now live in the Uk


An inquiry about applying for Turkish student visa

By Syed Moinuddin Ahmad

I am Syed Moinuddin Ahmad from Bangladesh. I am doing my graduation from a university currently and I hope that I will finish my graduation in 2024. After that, I would like to go to Türkiye to get myself admitted to a non-governmental institution which is not recognized by the government named Mahad Al Imam Abu Hanifa. I would like to know that is there any possibility to get the student visa in order to study there?
Thank you


Correction request, guidance


I recently applied for an e-visa to Turkey. However, I made an error in selecting my nationality during the application process. I am a resident of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but hold a Pakistani passport.
I mistakenly selected my nationality as UAE instead of Pakistan due to my residency. This has led to a discrepancy between my e-visa information and my passport nationality.
As my travel date to Turkey is approaching on December 21st, I want to ensure that my e-visa reflects the correct information. I kindly request your guidance on how to rectify this situation.
Should I proceed with my current e-visa application, or should I initiate a new application with the correct nationality listed as Pakistani, matching my passport? Your prompt advice on the best course of action is greatly appreciated.
I understand the importance of accurate visa information for immigration procedures and want to ensure I comply with all regulations. I am willing to cooperate and follow any required procedures to rectify this issue promptly.
Please advise on the necessary steps and timeline for correcting the nationality on my e-visa. If additional documentation or information is needed, please let me know, and I will provide it promptly.

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E-Visa More 30 days


Good morning, I am a Libyan citizen. I know can obtain an electronic visa.
But i would like to obtain a visa for more than 30 days, specifically 38 days if possible. Yesterday I spoke with the Consul General in Barcelona, Selen Evcit, and she told me that I can contact you to obtain a visa for more than a month.
I have travel tickets and a rented apartment from 10/25/2023 until 12/02/2023, paid and confirmed.
I accompany my brother, who is blind, and I am taking care of him. He has a visa issued by the Consulate General in Barcelona, valid for 40 days.
Also, my parents with me and they are over 50 years old can stay until 90 days without needing a visa.

Therefore, I ask you to help me obtain a visa for more than 30 days, and I am prepared to pay the corresponding costs. Thank you.


Visa related on visiting Turkey

By Olaitan Ezekiel Aliu

I am a Nigeria citizen and i live in the United kingdom with a valid Nigeria passport and Uk Brp, do i need a visa to visit Turkey for 10 days? hope to hear from you soon.


Travel to Turkey with 2 months valid UAE Residence Visa

By Rlene

Dear Sir,

I am from the Philippines with valid UAE residence visa till Feb 2024. I have a valid evisa to Turkey. I am travelling to Turkey on December 2023. Can I travel to Turkey from UAE even if my residence visa has 2 months validity (valid till Feb 2024)?

Thank you.



How do I know why they rejected a student visa even though I met all the conditions, and when can I re-apply?

By Sarah

I attached all the documents required for a visa, and my application was rejected even though I have full and final acceptance into a Turkish university. I submitted the application from an accredited office in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates


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