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Shadi from New Zealand

By Shadi Esnaashari

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Shadi Esnaashari. I am a New Zealand citizen. The Swedish embassy in Australia has informed me that I need to visit the embassy for the passport control. I will be out of the country and in Istanbul for a week from the 9th to the 13th of May and again between the 20th and 22nd of May. They asked me to contact you to see if my passport control can be done in Turkey while there. If this can happen through you, then they will send my case to your office. I would appreciate it if you could inform me about this possibility.

The application comprises:
Name Control number
Shadi Esnaashari 60157541
Shantia Soltani 60157542

Kind regards,


Visa Requirement Question

By Omeen Meytiani


I am a USA lawful permanent resident (green card holder) as a refugee, and instead of regular passport, I hold USA-issued travel documents. While my birth nationality is Iranian, I no longer hold an Iranian passport. What are the visa requirements for me if I want to apply for a tourist visa from Turkey? Can I apply for a eVisa? What nationality should I choose on the application form? Thanks for your consideration.


Visa for Indonesian

By Alfrendo Satyanaga Nio

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have Indonesian Passport. Based on my understanding, Indonesian nationality does not need to apply visa to enter Turkey as tourist.
However, my friend has a problem when he wanted to enter Turkey during his transit in Istambul airport last December. The immigration officer said Indonesian need to apply visa if we want to enter Turkey during transit period.
Could you please help to advise if Indonesian citizen needs to apply visa to enter Turkey or not during transit?

Thank you

Best Regards,



VISAS to be issued

By Pierre C. Tessier

We have applied for two e-visas in the names of Margot EDWARDS (Canadian passport AG649382) and Pierre TESSIER (Canadian passport AJ300278) on 22APR2023. Payment for $123 USD has been approved and passed on to my credit card but WE ARE YET TO RECEIVE THE E-VISAS by return e-mail.
Please verify what the problem may be as we have paid for the visas but have not received them yet at [email protected]


Working visa application - multiple entry (Turkey)

By Mr. Radim Holub


Can you please let me know if our employee (Czech citizen with permanent residence there, but living in Ireland) can come to the embassy at Dublin and place application for working visa application at Turkey there? It could really save lot of time, efforts but mainly time to get on site in Turkey earlier.

You can also please call me +420 601 132 490

Thank you so much,
Radim Holub


Important question

By Neda

Can I apply my e visa using my Palestinian passport instead of my American passport since my American passport expires 13 days after arrival date ? Will I still be accepted for the e visa since I am america citizen as well as Palestinian


Request clarification for process and documents for Turkish tourist visa with Indian Passport

By Manisha Mehra

I am working with UNICEF Moldova and I am from India holder of Indian passport. my family is visiting me in Chisinau in May-June 2023 on tourist VISA for Moldova. They also hold Indian passport.
I want to know if we can apply for tourist VISA for Istanbul/Turkey for of us to make a 3-4 days visit from Chisinau to Istanbul and return back to Chisinau in Mid of May 2023.

If yes, what are the documents required. I have valid Indian passport for us, my work permit for Chisinau and their multi-entry tourist VISA for Chisinau.

Your urgent response will be of great help.


Need VISA information


Dear Visa officer,
I am writing this email to check visit visa requirements and application process for my parents.
I have Pakistani passport, and I am living in Europe with my wife and child. We visited Istanbul last year for a week time. It is easy for us to get e-visa because we have EU residency.
This year we (I, my wife and child) are planning another vacation trip to Istanbul in Jul/Aug, and I want to invite my parents to Istanbul for 2 weeks time. Can I submit e-visa application online for my parents? They have Pakistani passport and living in Pakistan.
My parents are retired, and I am sponsoring their trip to Turkey. How should I proceed with their visa application?
Need your guidance.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Sher Bahadur


Necessity of transit visa

By Dana

Hi there,
I'm planning a journey from Russia to South America. For this, I need to fly from Moscow to Istanbul, and in Istanbul, transfer to another plane to Amsterdam, where I will take the final flight towards South America.
Normally, I would need a visa to visit either Turkey or the Schengen area. However, considering I will not leave any airports until my final destination, I am not sure if a transit visa is necessary. Could someone please inform me, whether a transit visa would be required for me?
Thanks in advance.


Evisa processing time

By Meherunnisa Ismail

What’s the processing time for e visa ?


Do i need turkey e visa? Holding Ireland Tourist Single Entry Visa

By Nasreen Thanvi

Hi, I am from India but I am holding an Ireland tourist single entry visa, Can i apply for Turkey Evisa?
My Ireland tourist visa expiry date was 31st May but i have entered in Ireland on 20th april and i got stamp of 90 days which means i can stay in Ireland until 20th July from the date of my arrival. If i can enter in Turkey on Evisa what should be my arrival date? it should be before 31st May of i can enter in Turkey anytime till 20th July since i have 90 days ireland stamp? I am planning to go back to India from Turkey.


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