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By Ayra Noman



Assisting in Turkey.

By Keane Roberts

Good day,

My name is Keane. I'm a Intermediate Life Support emergency care practitioner in South Africa and have rescue certificates. Myself, a Doctor, Medics and pharmacists are eager to help out for couple days in Turkey. The Pharmacists are happy to sponsor some first aid/medical supplies such and bandages. Please can you guide to as to how we can get involved an help.

Many thanks,



Earthquake survivors

By Terry mackie

Are you collecting coats, sweaters and blankets for the earthquake survivors?


Earthquake appeal

By Christina

We wish to help, but do not wish to give money as so little seems to get to the people who need it. We have many winter clothes which could be of use but have so far been unable to find and organisation to transport them. We live in the Inverness area. Can you suggest a means for us to help.
Christina Jury


Donation for earthquake relief

By Elizabeth Briemberg

I haVe two adult sleeping bags that i would be happy to donate for help with the visits of this earthquake in Turkey and also $1000 . How do I do this? Thanks
Elizabeth Briemberg


Donate for Turkey

By Tony Nguyen

How can I donate to Turkey? please call me back at 778 386 3322. We are a software company that operates in Vancouver and also in ?stanbul therefore we would like to donate to help people.



By eileen hartin

Can I have donation items for the earthquake items delivered to the embassy? I heard you are excepting medications, jackets, tents etc. I would like to order items from Amazon to help those in need.



I am ready to volunteer for supporting turkey to overcome from quake.

By Shamseer

Kindly let me know if you need volunteers to support you from UAE. Something like packing dress, food or any other supports.
Very delight to help you. Inshallah the country will recover soon from earth quake. Aameen



Visa application. T3060357GCJ

By Linda Thomas

Please cancel the above application.


Turkey earthquake relief


Can you please provide me with a shipping address for the emergency center setup locally on ground in turkey with a contact name in case I can arrange for emergency supplies for the folks in turkey effected by the earthquake. We have folks in Pakistan that can supply the following things as we raise funds here in the US however need to know the drop off shipping address either in Karachi, pakistan or in Turkey. My email is [email protected].
1) Leather Jackets
2) Blankets
3) Sleeping Bags
4) Thermos.


Visa with refugee pass

By Tetiana Ilnytska

Dear team, I am writing on behalf of my boyfriend who has refugee pass(grey) in Denmark and permanent residence in Denmark as well. How we get visa for my boyfriend? He is originally from Afganistan ,but has permanent residence permit in Denmark already.
Please guide us - should he apply for visa under rules for Denmark or how .
I have Ukrainian pass, so no issues.
Thank you lot, Tetiana


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