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Reise til tyrkia i Summer

By Nor Sultani

Jeg har norsk pass og er norskstatsborger. Jeg har tenkt å reise i Tyrkia i sommer.
Trenger jeg å søke visa eller trenger ikke?


Some Question

By Basir Ahmad Ebrahimi

With respect, I am happy to be able to communicate with you via email. It has been a while since, by God's grace, I and my family were able to obtain Turkish citizenship, and we live and do business in the UAE and in Dubai.
1- Do you register Turkish citizens who live here at the Turkish consulate in Dubai, and if so, how is it and what documents do you need?
2- The presidential election will be held on May 23. Will this be done in Dubai as well and what are the conditions for participation, because we are eager to participate in this election.
Please answer the two questions.


Visa required or no?

By Rakz

Hi, i am a UK citizen and my wife is a Moroccan passport holder. Am i correct in saying we both dont need a VISA to enter Turkey?
Is there anything else we require such as a passenger locator form?



touristic visa rejection

By mohsen vatankhah

Dear Sir/Madam

I applied for a third-year touristic visa but was rejected .what is a solution? could you support me in this regard?
0538 378 08 20 phone number


Lost visa email

By Craig Abramson

My visa approval email was accidentally deleted, how can I get another?


Shipping Process to Turkey

By Alix Brower

I am a high school student at The New School of Atlanta. We are about to start a project where we make baby hats and baby blankets to send to victims of the earthquake in Turkey. We were wondering what it would look like/what the process would be to send those items to Turkey. As well as how long that process is and how long it would take to ship to Turkey.


Please read urgent

By Walters

Dear sir/Madam,
I hope all is well. My name is Fohba Walters Jingwa and I am from Cameroon. On 13 December 2022 , I tried to travel from Dublin Airport to Douala International Airport, Central Africa but I was refused from boarding by one of your staff at Terminal 1 who told me that I need an e-visa and Covid-19 certificate to travel back to Cameroon. I booked my ticket with budget travel and I was suppose to transfer flight in Istanbul ..I don't know the Airport and I can not remember in my ticket. I booked to transfer from Istanbul but she told me I needed an e-visa. I have been to your e-visa website but it tells me that my country is not one of the countries that grant e-visa too.. According to my ticket , I had to travel the following day which means that I had to stay in turkey for one day. Am I suppose to apply for a visa in your embassy or have anything changed. Please I will be grateful that you can advise me on what to do..Thank you very much I wish to hear from you as soon as possible.


Inquiry about eligibility to Evisa

By Mohamed Eladly

My name is Mohamed Eladly, an Egyptian citizen and I live and work in UAE, I would like to visit Turkey in May.
I do not have a Schengen visa am I allowed to apply for an evisa or shall I apply through the embassy?


Conditions of registration and participation in elections

By Basir Ahmad Ebrahimi

Dear Sir/Madam
1- Fortunately, I was able to get Turkish citizenship, but my daughter, because she was 18 years old at the time of the beginning of the process, unfortunately, she has not received citizenship until now, and we live in Dubai, and our main citizenship is also Afghan, and now obtaining Turkish citizenship for my daughter, whose father and His mother has Turkish citizenship, what are the conditions, of course, without an investment case, please guide me.
2- Do we, who have obtained Turkish citizenship and live in Dubai, need to be registered at the consulate?
3- What are the conditions for participating in the presidential elections for us Turkish citizens living in Dubai?

Best Regards


Travel Requirements for Turkmenistan citizen entering Turkey from Russia


Good day! Would you pls let us know if the citizen of Turkmenistan needs a visa to enter Turkey from Russian Federation? Thank you


Supporting Documents for Indian Passport and Canadian Permanent Resident

By Rhoni Mohanraj


My name is Rhoni. I'm currently a indian passport holder and also a permanent resident of Canada. I currently reside in Canada as well.
I'm planning on travelling to Turkey for Tourism in April 2023.
I was going through the e-visa application process and stopped at the "Type of supporting doc" field. It only gave me two options. Visa or Residence Permit. I'm not about to choose any countries from the dropdown as Canada is not listed.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I'm not sure if I'm not looking in the right place.

Thank you you for your help!
Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Rhoni Mohanraj.


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