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Refund of e-visa fee

By Md Samiul Sunny

My application for e-visa was not required while traveling to Turkey back from KÖLN, Germany. As I am having official Passport of Bangladesh visa Turkey is on arrival. But in Köln airpot while doing Check-in I was compelled to fill up Turkey e-visa form and from my credit card 178 USD was deducted. Later on Airport authority communicated Turkey airport and confirmed on arrival visa. Visa was applied within short time and few details were missing. That is why my visa application could be processed.
With this note how can I get my refund of e-visa for Turkey.


Vakalet Gonderme hakkinda

By Kubra

Ben Kubra Kudret Kudret Sancar.
Turkiye'ye gondermek istedigim bir vekaletname icin konsolosluga gelmek istiyorum.
San Francisco'dan gelecegim.
25-26 Ekim 2023 tarihinde orada olacagim.
Bunun icin randevu almama gerek var mi?
Istedigim belge, anneme benim adima ev alabilmesi icin vekaletname gondermek istiyorum.

Kubra Kudret Sancar


Tourist Visa - Congo Passport

By Sewa Singh

Dear Sir, Madam
i would like to have some information regarding a tourist visa for our client.
she is aveling Dubai visa, Indian Visa and others visa services from our agency.
she would like to have a tourist visa for Turkey and i would like to know what will be the process to folow.
i would like to inform you that we are a registered compgny and we are supporting persons to get visas for many countreis like United kingdom, united states of america, canada, dubai etc...
i remain at your disposal should you need any further information.



visa validity extension

By kashif

My travel dates may change,due to allotted vacation.can i apply for my turkey visa validation.
validity is 23-nov 2023...how can i get extended dates to travel in dec 2023


Expired visa for renewal

By Celucolo Motsa

I am a Swazi citizen, please help me apply for a new Turkish visa. I am failing to apply on with the form


The visa got deleted from the gimel


Hallo this is Ghasaq Alafrge, the visa that I reseved it got deleted. Can you send it again please.
Thank you


Unable to access the visa that I just applied and paid for. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me access that document.

By Rose

I did not get Visa emailed to me. When I asked to download it, either it did not download or I simply can’t find it. I was able to download and print the receipt for the $51.50 payment. But, I’m worried that if I don’t have the actual visa I will not be able to enter the country.


Can Nigerians apply for e visa?

By Samuel

I'm a Nigerian
Can I apply for e visa for
If not how do I go about?
Please help me as I'm traveling in Oct with my family


E visa for Turkey for me & m y husband

By Shefter Frieda

I was emailed that E visa was completed successfully & payment was received, but have not received emails of completed visas for me & my husband


I got eVisa Turkey. Can I use it even I got a refund

By Roxana solares

I got a refunded for a eVisa that I got it because it costed a lot, I thought your refund is just the difference of the price, now my question is, if I can use this eVisa to enter to Turkey, thanks


want to transit in turkey to go to Ethiopia from Canada, for that matter I need visa

By bitanya kebede

I want to transit in turkey to go to Ethiopia from Canada, I don't want to go out of turkey air port when i am travailing. how can I get visa please. i have permanent resident in Canada and i am Ethiopian citizen.


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