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Money back

By Narjis Sahar

Hello, please, I applied for a visa and now I want a refund of the amount I paid of 45€. Thank you


Money back

By narjis Sahar

Hello, I applied for an electronic visa and paid 45 €. The payment was successful, but I did not receive anything. I poked tickets tomorrow.


Border Entry Requirements

By Abiola

I will like to ask if there is any procedure to be done at entry border/Airport after collecting Turkey Visa.
Is visa the only requirement apart from hotel accommodation.
Kindly revert.


get visa

By Mohd Rasoul al SUKOUR

Hi I have Canadian travel documents how can I get visa to visit Turkish and do you have application


Is my Visa correct

By Diana Fitzpatrick

Please advise me. I have printed out several copies for my Turkey Visa trip in May 2023. However I have put my name just Diana Fitzpatrick. I do have a middle name Rose but have neglected to add it. Will I get through the security ok without my middle name on the paper or not. I appreciate your time and await your reply. Thankyou. Diana Fitzpatrick


Turkish language course information

By Alejandra Rivera Ortiz


I've been searching for a Turkish language course but I have not found any except the online ones, do you handle information of a good course in intensive format?


im not able to apply

By Romodan M Haji

Dear support team

i am trying to apply for a e-visa i am Eritrean and i have UK visa ,i took before the turkish visa this way twice,but now the website is showing that I'm not eligible although i have supported visa...please advise.


accidentally deleted my electronic visa form my phone

By Abdalll Mohamed Senussi

I deleted my electronic Visa that i received on 3/27/23 for me and my wife
i am scheduled to fly on 4/11/23 i hope you could help me
my wife name Hanan Senussi passport number 554922517


Require for visa

By Ali

Hi I just want to know if I need transit visa iam iraqi national Resident in uk .
In 13th of April I travling to iraq but transit in turkey so can you please let me know if I need visa or no


2 hours transit in Istanbul

By Mohammad Alhashim

If I have a connecting flight through Istanbul, for two hours transit, do I need to issue a transit visa?


For turkey working visa

By Sanjay

I am sanjay bishwa from nepal i am welder i have 7 years experience and i want to come there



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