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Jordanian Passport Validity 147 days


My Jordanian passport has 147 days of validity; can I enter Turkey?
I have my family 2 sons and my husband. We are coming as toursim


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About the turkey visa

By felicite Kamga

Hi, i hope you are ok please i would like to check i am planning to visit Turkey in August 2024 for holiday i have a Cameroonian passport with BRP Indefinite to leave in England i am confused please i would to know if i need to go to Turkey embassy to apply for the tourist visa to give my fingerprint or do i need to apply just online the E-Visa .Thank from Felicite Kamga


I need do visa to Turkey

By Sami

I want to apply for a tourist visa to Turkey. I hold a Palestinian passport and reside in China. I want to travel to Turkey with my wife and child. Can I obtain a visa?


Transit Visa Requirement Inquiry

By Tulsi ram jajra

Hello Officer
i just want to know about your transit policy. I want to book flight from Baku Azerbaijan to London via Istanbul Pegasus Airlines have a 1.5-hour layover at same airport and same airlines so I should need to apply for a transit visa of its free for Indian passport holder having USA visa And UK reply to me fast as can as you thank you Sir


No last name in Passport

By Sunil

There is no last name in my passport only given name is written in the passport. What should I write in the last name/surname field?


Vize . Ist Sabiha Haval?mam?

By Khaola Abdulfattah

Say?n beyefendi/ Hanimefendi
Do?um tarihi: 17.05.1964 , Filistinleyim
Address: Hauptstr 152, 52146 Würselen.
Ben 05.05 tarihinde online Vize ald?m ve Ist Sabiha Haval?man?ya ucaktim, ama beni geri gönderdiler ve dediler ben sizinile iletisim gerekiyor.
Lütfen bana yard?m edermisiniz?! Bu ?ekilde ben ne yapab?l?r m?y?m?!
Te?ekkur ederiz


Turkish e-visa provided was not legitimate

By Matthew Graham

To whom it may concern,

The visa document you provided was not a legitimate Turkish visa and will not uphold when entering into the country. As such I would like to receive a refund for my payment as it was not what was promised.

Kind regards,


Digital Nomad Visa information

By Jason

Good afternoon,

My name is Jason and i have been living in TNRC for the last 6 years working year and my family has been here with me for the last 5-6 years. I was wondering if i would be able to qualify for a digital nomad visa for me and my family if i were to get a Job where i can work remotely.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Nedd to know online visa fees

By Ahmed mobamed bakr

I'm asking about visa fees for women ( my wife ) as tourism for single entry as online?
Need to know visa fees for girl 11 year and one Child 5 years


Visa procedure information


I'm currently a student at Akdeniz University in Antalya, Turkey.
I've just been awarded a scholarship for a Master's degree in agronomy by the Mozida Foundation.
I would like to have information on the study visa procedure, such as the documents to be provided, the fees and how to make an appointment at your embassy.


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