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Info To travel from Abuja to Ecran Travel date 27 Mar 2023 to return 28 April 2023

By Tayo oduwole

Info To travel from Abuja to Ecran
Travel date 27 Mar 2023 to return 28 April 2023 fr students..wts d price


Regarding insurance on e-Visa

By Kailash Chandra Sahu

Hello Sir, Good evening. Could you tell me please insurance us require or not in my evisa


Visa requirements for Egyptians who live abroad (Russia)

By Habiba

I have accptence letter from a university in turkey and currently I live in Russia so how can I apply for a student visa I can't go to Egypt to get the visa so is there any way I can apply online or go to the turkish embassy in russia


Asking for a resident denial

By stephen ifeanyi ikem

I was given a visa to turkey on the 14/10/2022 - 12/01/2023 tourist visa.
I entered turkey on the 02/01/2023, applied immediately for a resident permit on the 07/01/2023. I was given an appointment date for 20/01/2023.
I have been in turkey waiting for my resident permit status till on the 20/03/2023, when I got a text when my application denied. Now I am planning to leave turkey back to my country. What can I do and where do I start.


Can a student who was denied residence permit re-enter Turkey within the 10days period required?

By Blanch

I wish to know if a student who was rejected resident permit can come back to Turkey within the 10 days period, after spending 2 days out of Turkey.
The person will come back as a tourist is it possible?


Request for Name Update on E-visa 438-4X9S

By Leighton Skervin

The given name on this Visa for this Traveler is incorrect and should be updated to Leighton Dwayne J
Please let me know if this is possible to update.

Thank You


Visa Application - Questions

By Vladimir Elman

I am writing to inquire about the visa application process for Denmark.
Can I apply as a Russian citizen with a Turkish residency permit (ikamet)? If so, what additional documents would I need to provide?
Do I need to translate all of my documents into English and have them notarized? If so, could you please provide me with more information on the translation and notarization requirements?





I am IT Engineer holding Indian passport residing in Doha-Qatar with a valid resident permit/Qatar National ID/work permit . I want to visit turkiye for tourism with my family. Please advise if I need a tourist visa as I have Indian passport ? OR as Qatar belong to exempted country that require no visa for tourism, do I belong to exempted category ?

Note: I do not o hold a valid Supporting Document (Valid visa or valid residence permit from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland). Hence I am unable to apply for e-visa.

Ayaz Mukaddam
[email protected]


visa for Swedish travel dockument

By Nima Esmaeeli

I have temperary residence permit in Sweden and i am refugee and have travel dockument. I want to visit my family in Turkiye. How can i apply for visa and which dockuments i have to prepar?


I lost reference number

By Essa Muhammad

I applied for turkey visit visa in Dubai on 6th march.i lost my reference number slip.so how can i check online about the status


How to correct Passport expiry Date on e visa

By Khan

I made a typo error during visa application for my minor child e visa application. Instead of july 27 I entered july 23. How can I correct it if evisa has been issued,


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