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I want to go turkey soon.

By Sona

I want to go turkey as soon as possible for my business meeting, is it possible for me to get my visa within 2 days only from now if I apply today.

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Enquiry about e-visa for turkey

By Singh

I want to enquire about e-visa,

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Enquiry about Turkey e-visa for business purpose.

By Sonam Singh

I want to visit Turkey for 90 days for business purpose, can i get my e-visa within 1 month if i apply within next 2-3 days. What documents will be required for e-visa. From where i will get application form link.

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Overcharged for e-visa

By Eun-Heh Chung

Hi. I recently applied for e-visa online to visit Turkey. With my US passport I was charged $106. My travel companion was charged $50. What is the explanation if any?

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By EESM Management GmbH

Dear Sir/Madam
its a pleasure to drop this few of words. we EESM Management GmbH from Unterschleissheim Germany and as well business partner of VESTEL. VESTEL produce our brand name Btech Germany. we have a partner from Chad and will like to meet them in IZIMIR for showing them where we produce our goods and to sign a contract. please what can we do to enable them get a visa to Turkey.
Sonja Buckenhuser
EESM Management GmbH


visit visa to turkey

By sofiane derardja


my name is Sofiane derardja and I am Algerian holding normal Algerian passport, I am resident in dubai.
how can I get visa ?
i dont have schengen.
looking forward to your prompt respond

thank you


Enquiry regarding evisa for turkey

By Sonia

I want to travel Turkey for Tourism purpose, I want to apply for an evisa. Can I apply it on urgent basis?


I want to apply for a visa visit

By Nambafu siati

How can I apply for a visa visit from uganda to turkey and how much is paid?



U.S. permanent residence with Congolese passport

By Polyvia

I haven’t done any traveling outside of the US since I was 16 (now 41). I’ve had a permanent residency in the US since I came at eight years old. I’ll be visiting family in Congo but wanted to visit Turkey on the way. What do I need to have in order since this will be my first time traveling on my own?


Visa application completed and paid

By Janet

Successful payment but nothing on the screen appears after. Not sure if visa application properly applied. Help pls.

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Indonesian passport holder to visit as tourist for 14 dyas.

By Gede Andy Kurniawan

Hi My Name is Andy,
I would like to ask about below requirements to enter Turkey as Tourist for 14 Days.
1. Is it Visa free for Indonesian passport holder?
2.I could not find the Health declaration form from the web site?
Thanks for your help and support to answer my queries.
Best regards



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