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I wanna apply for visa to turkey

By Athmane arezki

I wanna apply for visa to turkey
I cant submit my application
Best regard
Athmane arezki


Business visa for Nigerian citizen


Good afternoon,

I´d like to know the procedures for my Nigerian fiance to get a business visa to travel to Turkey. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.
Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Ms Paula Garcia


multiple re- entry visa

By Farzana Siddiqui

I am going to teach doctors in istanbul from 10th till 12th March, 2023 on ultrasound in emergency department. I work in UK and would like to travel to turkey on 9th march and then go to pakistan from 14th March on different ticket from istanbul- Karachi-istanbul on 18th March. Then from istanbul to london on 19th March. Therefore I need multiple re- entry visa. I have pakistani passport. Please advice



Book two separate tickets with different airlines for e-visa

By Hanh Luu

One of requirement for Turkish e-visa is to have a round-trip ticket with Turkish Airlines or Pegasus Airlines. However, I just wonder whether it is possible for me to book two separate tickets:
- In-bound ticket with Turkish Airlines (from Hanoi to Istanbul)
- Out-bound ticket with Pegasus Airlines (from Istanbul to Helsinki - I have a valid Schengen visa issued by Embassy of Finland).
Do my above tickets satisfy requirements of Turkish e-visa? Thanks.


Turkey Visa for Kenyan Passport

By Fazeela Kurji

Good afternoon,

I hope you are well.

I am planning a trip to visit Turkey in March/April this year. I am a Kenyan passport holder and I wanted to ask whether we can still apply for the visa online?

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



E-visa for Canadian

By Mehdi Akbary

Good day,
I’ve filled up the application for e-visa which I believe is $70. But it showed $115!! I tried it three times!
Can you let me know what I’m doing wrong. T2020616ZPN


Entry visa to turkey

By Greg Esume

I leave in Arizona how can I get entry visa to turkey. I have Nigeria passport


eVisa for Group

By Aubrey Kim

Good Afternoon,

This is Aubrey who is planning to group travel to Turkey (5/28-6/11) from U.S.A
I would like to ask some questions regarding on eVisa. Please contact with me through the email ([email protected])

Thank you!!


Moldova Embassy

By Hakan Topuzoglu

The current address of the Embassy of Moldova is as follows. You can also confirm on their website.
Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Cad., no.106/22, Ehlibeyt mah., Balgat, Çankaya, Ankara


Register the death of my Turkish Father in Turkey

By Denize Julide Algriph


I am writing from Sweden, my father who was a dual citizen, Turkish and Swedish died in 2019 but I was recently made aware that his death is yet to be registered in Turkey.
I am his only next of kin and I do not own his ID or passport.
I do however have an official death certificate that will get an apostille stamp and handed to the Turkish embassy here, who are near impossible to get a hold of. There are legal issue with my relatives in Turkey and I am stressed to get this resolved.
Can you please help me?

What do I do?
Kind regards,


Please cancel our Turkish e-visa application

By Jawad Haroon

My order ID is T4749840AWI. Please do not process our visa application. Our travel plans have changed.


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