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Förfrågan om turkiskt uppehållstillstånd

By Homan


Jag är svensk medborgare och har ett eget företag med en årsinkomst på cirka 500,000 kr. Jag skulle vilja ansöka om uppehållstillstånd i Turkiet för att kunna besöka min syster och samtidigt utforska marknaden där för att se om jag vill starta ett företag där.

Jag skulle vilja ansöka om uppehållstillstånd som skulle tillåta mig att besöka Turkiet fram och tillbaka under en period på ett år. Under mina vistelser i Turkiet kommer jag att ha tillräckliga medel för min försörjning och jag har också en giltig sjukförsäkring som täcker mig under min vistelse.

Jag skulle uppskatta om ni kunde informera mig om vilka krav som gäller för att ansöka om uppehållstillstånd i Turkiet och vilka dokument jag behöver skicka in för att ansöka. Jag ser fram emot att höra från er.

Tack på förhand.

Med vänliga hälsningar,
Homan kashefi


Passport Change

By Berk

Hi, I changed my surname due to the new law. So, I need a physical evidence of my surname on my new passport. What should I do to get my new passport? Also, how can I make an appointment for my issue.
Thank you so much.

Turkiye'de cikan yeni yasaya gore soyismimi degistirdim. Bundan dolayi yeni soyismimi beyan edebilecegim fiziksel bir kanita ihtiyacim var. Bu yuzden yeni pasaport cikartmam gerekiyor. Bu sureci nasil baslatabilirim? ve nereden randevu alabilirim?
Simdiden tesekkur ederim.


Transit Visa Issue

By Zuhaili Ahmad

Hi There,

I would look to enquire with regards to Transit Visa. I’ll be flying in the summer and will be transiting in Turkey for a day before flying off to my next destination. I’m currently holding a Singapore passport.

My question is do I need to apply for Transit Visa? As I was looking online and it stated that Singapore passport do not need any visa for travel less than 90 days.

Hope to get a reply from you soon.

Kind Regards,
Zuhaili Ahmad


family member visit visa


There will be seprate form for each kid ?


E-visa for infant from Bangladesh

By Abdul Gaffar

Hi, I am a Bangladeshi citizen. As per e-visa requirements, we need to have a visa or resident permit from USA, UK and EU countries in order to be eligible for e-visa. We are 5 members in our family: Myself, my wife, child son, child daughter and infant daughter. The first 4 members have got valid US visa except for the infant baby. As the parents have US visa, is my infant baby eligible for the e-visa? Appreciate your early revert.


Tourist visa single entry

By Betty Indar Hayer

Canadian passport
March 26 2023





Can I use my e-visa for self-transfer at the airport? I am travelling to London via Istanbul airport can I show my e-visa as a turkey transit visa.


How can I apply to help out in Turkey

By Quinton Wayne Youle

Good evening
I would like to volunteer to help in Turkey or Syria to assist in wherever help is needed. 0734351717.


Problem re eVisa

By Norman Sharpe

Dear Sir,
I applied for an eVisa to Turkey and it was granted very quickly. However, afterwards I realised I had added 'Australia' to the place of birth in addition to the name of the town, where I was born. Therefore, that visa doesn't match 100% with my passport, it has that extra 'Australia'. I then applied for another eVisa, when I went to confirm the email application, the website said there had been an error and it had been reported to the authorities. I'm now worried re my visa. Could you please advise me. Thank you so much. I live on the Gold Coast and can easily come to see you in person if necessary.
Kind Regards
Norman Sharpe. PH 0412 455 444


e-visa necessary?

By Renee Charles

Is an E-Visa necessary for a week vacation in turkey.
I am a Grenadian citizen.


Payment required question.

By William Gregory Parfitt

My understanding is that the cost for a temporary visa is $60 US per person for Canadian residents. I completed the application and noted that the cost for my wife and I totalled $231.00 instead of $120 plus a small additional fee. How do I change my application to get the correct fee?


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