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Emergency Visa

By Elham sadat Movafeghi

I am Elham Sadat Movafeghi, I have Valid Canadian PR card, Iranian citizenship, but my Iranian passport is expired. I have Canadian Travel document to travel.
First question 1- Do I need to apply for Visa?
2- Can I ask for emergency visa ? I have to be there in next week.
My mother has to go to Istanbul to do Biometric in Canada embassy. She dose not know English or Turkey and really need helps because of her age. I have to travel to Turkey for a week to help her to pick her up from airport and do official works.
I really appreciate your help.


About e visa

By Ahmad

I missed my last letter of middle name in turkish e visa can i change it?


Payment Issue

By Rex Mongrain

Currently having an issue with submitting my payment info, can I obtain a Visa upon arrival if currently holding a USA passport?


Visa requires

By Roushon Jahan Mili

Please someone call me 07826522305


Health Certificate required by Ministry of Health to enter Turkey

By Chandra Parmar

Why is the payment taking long time???


Contact Number

By Khanzaib

Turkey Embassy Pakistan contact Number


visa in passport


Hi, I am running low on pages in my passport, when you enter with an Evisa will you just get a stamp or will they do a full-page sticker?


Inquiry about visa and volunteering

By Alice Butcher

To Whom It May Concern,
I am planning to volunteer at a school summer program in Turkey in July for 2-3 weeks. I have a US passport and a UK passport. Am I still required to apply for a work visa, even though I will be volunteering? Please advise.
Alice Butcher


Visa Arrival Date Change

By Garrett Heller

Hello, I have an E-Visa that was due to start on my initial arrival day of 8 May, I had to modify my flights and am now arriving on 7 May, do I need to buy a new visa or will the one I already have be okay for use? Thanks so much, Garrett


Visa Information Inquiry

By Syerina

I represent a university in Oman. One of my students with Pakistani nationality has been accepted to do 2-months of internship in Turkey through IAESTE program. May I know what type of visa does my student need to apply?


Modifying online visa application from multiple to single entry


The online visa application form did not give me the choice of changing from multiple to single entry visa. Please advise.


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