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E visa requirement application

By Mohamed Wahba

I am a Canadian citizen however my mom , sister and my dad holds Egyptian passports with valid multiple entry visa to Canada.
Will they require e visa and are they eligible for it ?
My sister she is 27 years old and she is a dependant child ( Down syndrome ) and she has a valid multiple entry visa to Canada.


Bank account no residence

By Sebastjan

Yurt dışı yerleşik olarak mevduat hesabı açmak istiyorum.
Hangi belgelere ihtiyacım var?
İstanbul'daki hangi şubelerde bu mümkün?
Almanca konuşan bir meslektaşınız da var mı?

Teşekkür ederim



I would like to open a deposit account as a non-resident.
What documents do I need??
In which of the branches in Istanbul is this possible??
Do you also have a German-speaking colleague??

Thank you




Layover in turkey for 3 hours

By Saira salim

I have layover in turkey SAW for 3 hours
I’m using Pegasus flight to travel from Germany to Dubai
Should I need to do immigration in SAW?
I don’t want to go outside airport


Transit visa can’t find it online

By Bibi dil noorzai

Transit visa can’t find it online I need help for it please i have flight to Istanbul than from Istanbul to Afghanistan I need a transit visa if you could help me with it


The prices of turkey visa for afghans pass for a week

By Zainab

I want a visa to visit Turkey for a week, I have an Afghan passport, would you like to know how much the price will be?


EVisa application - Wrong email address

By Veronica Rosa Newman

I have applied for an visa but had put in the wrong email address.
Please can this be sent to [email protected]
Please let me know if you need any further information.
I look forward to your reply.
Kind regards,
Veronica Newman


How to issue a Turkish visa for my philipino nanny from Saudi Arabia

By Deema

What is the process to issue a Turkish Visa for my philipino nanny from Saudi Arabia, to travel with me for 10 day to Turkey?


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Transit in Turkey, Do i need a visa?

By Juvi Bufete

I have a question regarding transit in Turkey. I am a filipino citizen with a valid Residence Permit in Germany. I'll be flying to Philippines soon and I have a connecting flight from Turkey to Philippines. Do I still need to apply for a transit visa even if I don't intend to leave the airport? Thank you.


Question about your website

By Harvey


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whether or not I need a Tukish visa for more than 10 hours stay

By Shuhrat Rajabov

I have a multiple-entry Schengen visa and air-tirket with Turskish Air for a flight on 17 June 2024 Dushanbe-Istanbul-Praga. In istanbul I have to wait for more than 10 hours to catch my flight for Praga on 17 June 2024.
Do I need a Turkish visa?


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