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Do i need a transit visa

By Riaz Ahmed

Hey, I'm a Bangladeshi citizen and USA resident, I'm going to travel to Tunisia through Turkish Airlines and I will have a TR transfer there at Istanbul, so the airline recommended me to research whether I need a transit visa or not. So, do I need one if my layover is less than 24 hours and I just stay there at the airport before I get to the other flight?


Evisa name correction

By Amir

Hi, i applied for e visa , i wrote my surname wrong by spell mistake can you help me to sort out my problem


Article order on turkey-e-visas.com

By rock

I would like to publish an article on your website - turkey-e-visas.com.
Do you have the option of publishing a guest post on your website?
If so, what would be the price of a publication with a gambling link and what is the price for a non-gambling link publication?
Kindly notice we require our links to be do-follow and the articles should not be marked as sponsored.

Waiting for your reply,


e visa for algerian passport + german resident permit + 24 years old


Can i apply for an e-visa since i have an algerian passport and a german resident permit but i am 24 years old? or should i apply for a normal visa?


transit visa for dominican citizens

By rizwan

Do dominican republic citizens need a transit visa to transit through turkey on turkish airline ? without going through imigration... just a flight change while coming to pakistan


If I need a e-visa for a layover tour

By Yan Liang

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am a US Permanent resident and hold a China passport.
I would like to join the Turkish airline free layover tour during my trip.
The layover tour is only about 5.5 hours.
I am not sure if I need to apply for an e-visa or transit visa.
Please advise.
Thank you!


E Visa valid if I travel with different Airline

By Shereef Fawzy

Good day
I'm an Egyptian Citizen living in Saudi Arabia and looking to go for a swimming camp for fun in June 12-24. I'm arriving on the 11th. does my ticket have to be from EgyptAir Pegasus or Turkish Airlines specifically? because I already booked with Flyadeal.


Time required regarding Erasmus student visa

By Raghav

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a masters student in Padova university and I have been accepted for my erasmus semester to KTU, Trabzon, Turkey. I have submitted all the documents for my visa application to you and have a date for the 10th of June in MIlan. I have a few questions so I am writing them here:

1. How long can it potentially take for my visa to come through? I am planning to visit my family at the end of June therefore I would need my passport with me. That is why I need to know it.
2. If it makes the work faster, can I prepone my date for the visa application?
3. Lastly I am going to travel to Turkey via bike so I have not booked any flight tickets, I hope that is fine.

Will wait to hear from you soon.

Warm regards,


Nepal Diplomatic Passport Business Visa - Turkey

By Amit Thakuri

Dear All, Want to know the process to opt Turkey Business Visa for Nepal Diplomatic Passport Holder.




Good morning
I am ABOOD ALSHAHERI . I hold an American passport issued by the United States of America and I would like to travel to Turkey with my wife and children.
Note that my wife and children hold Yemeni citizenship, and I am with them now in Yemen
Can I apply to obtain electronic visas for all of us?
This is because I tried several times and was unable to apply because their nationality is Yemeni
Thanks and appreciation to you.


Do I need a transit visa if my transit time is 1hour 40 mins

By Siva Prakash Annadurai

Hi,I'm siva Prakash I'm planning to head back to India ,I have 1hour 40 mins transit time in istanbul airport and I don't have any intention to leave the airport .Do I need transit e visa for this .kindly reply your answer will be more helpful


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