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Captcha error all the time

By Yash

Hello, while applying for the tourist e visa I am constantly getting an error code for the captcha. Not able to apply, please guide.


Pakistani national turkish visa

By Akbar hussain

Hello there

I am applying for my wifes visa to turkey she is a pakistan national.
We have not booked the holiday yet all i know is we will be going in July is it possible to get a visa even thiugh there are no set dates


do i need a transit visa

By Riaz Ahmed

Hey, I'm a Bangladeshi citizen and USA resident, I'm going to travel to Tunisia through Turkish Airlines and I will have a TR transfer there at Istanbul, so the airline recommended me to research whether I need a transit visa or not. So, do I need one if my layover is less than 24 hours and I just stay there at the airport before I get to the other flight?


Evisa name correction

By Amir

Hi, i applied for e visa , i wrote my surname wrong by spell mistake can you help me to sort out my problem


Article order on turkey-e-visas.com

By rock

I would like to publish an article on your website - turkey-e-visas.com.
Do you have the option of publishing a guest post on your website?
If so, what would be the price of a publication with a gambling link and what is the price for a non-gambling link publication?
Kindly notice we require our links to be do-follow and the articles should not be marked as sponsored.

Waiting for your reply,


e visa for algerian passport + german resident permit + 24 years old


Can i apply for an e-visa since i have an algerian passport and a german resident permit but i am 24 years old? or should i apply for a normal visa?


transit visa for dominican citizens

By rizwan

Do dominican republic citizens need a transit visa to transit through turkey on turkish airline ? without going through imigration... just a flight change while coming to pakistan


If I need a e-visa for a layover tour

By Yan Liang

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am a US Permanent resident and hold a China passport.
I would like to join the Turkish airline free layover tour during my trip.
The layover tour is only about 5.5 hours.
I am not sure if I need to apply for an e-visa or transit visa.
Please advise.
Thank you!


E Visa valid if I travel with different Airline

By Shereef Fawzy

Good day
I'm an Egyptian Citizen living in Saudi Arabia and looking to go for a swimming camp for fun in June 12-24. I'm arriving on the 11th. does my ticket have to be from EgyptAir Pegasus or Turkish Airlines specifically? because I already booked with Flyadeal.


Time required regarding Erasmus student visa

By Raghav

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a masters student in Padova university and I have been accepted for my erasmus semester to KTU, Trabzon, Turkey. I have submitted all the documents for my visa application to you and have a date for the 10th of June in MIlan. I have a few questions so I am writing them here:

1. How long can it potentially take for my visa to come through? I am planning to visit my family at the end of June therefore I would need my passport with me. That is why I need to know it.
2. If it makes the work faster, can I prepone my date for the visa application?
3. Lastly I am going to travel to Turkey via bike so I have not booked any flight tickets, I hope that is fine.

Will wait to hear from you soon.

Warm regards,


Nepal Diplomatic Passport Business Visa - Turkey

By Amit Thakuri

Dear All, Want to know the process to opt Turkey Business Visa for Nepal Diplomatic Passport Holder.


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