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Business visa Informations

By Diahn waterfall

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to get clear information regarding my case presented in details below:

I am a Liberian citizen, owner of a company in Abidjan Ivory Coast, but I am on a family visit in Ghana. I also have the Ghana non-citizen card. While on my visit in Ghana, I want to apply for Turkey BUSINESS VISA from Ghana, is that possible? If am allowed to apply from Ghana, kindly provide me with the list of required documents.


need visa for Turkey from Canada please help me


when I am trying to fill out the forms I can't see Canada in the options please help me.
Thank you

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Visa application inquiries/ Algerian

By Aya Guemmadi

I am an Algerian citizen with Dutch residence permit, age 26 years old. How and where can i apply for Turkish tourist visa from Amsterdam?
Please assist properly and explain in details unlike they did with the consulate.
Thank you in advance!


Enquiry about visa to visit turkey for 3 months

By Sona

I want to enquiry about evisa to visit turkey for 3 month for my cousin’s marriage purpose . Can I stay there some more time if needed

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E-visa , is it nesessary to fly with Turkish airlines? Or whatever else?

By Pham Ngoc Tan

Hello, i am from Vietnam but i permanently live in czech republic.If I apply e-visa and want to visit Turkey, i must fly with Turkish Airlines or Pegasus Airlines or I can fly with the others(for example SmartWings or TailWind)? Thank you for the answer

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Increase Traffic to your website

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What is visa required?

By Tarek

Visa required means that travellers must apply for a visa to the country before actually travelling there. See our Passport Index to find out where you can travel visa-free with your passport.


Transit Visa / Antalya Airport

By Yaman

i am travelling from Düsseldorf International Airport to Beirut International Airport on the 08.08.2023 passing through Antalya Airport.
I am holding the syrian nationality with the syrian national passport and a german residency. My connection will be 10 hours in Antalya. It would be very helpful to know if i need to apply for a Transit visa although i am willing to stay in the transit area for 10 hours if possible and not pass through the immigration.
Thank you in advance.


E-Visa Application Egyptian Passport with UAE resident Visa

By Tarek

I hold an Egyptian passport but am a resident in the UAE, can I apply for an e-visa for a tourist visit to Turkiye?


Typo mistake of Turkiye

By Dumbildoor

You guys misspelled Republic of Turkiye with old name. please check proper international spelling of republic of Turkiye was known as Turkey. Thank you

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Appointment for Turkey Embassy

By Puli Pattabhi

How to book an appointment for Turkey Embassy in Chennai or shall I go direct without as appointment.

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