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Book two separate tickets with different airlines for e-visa

By Hanh Luu

One of requirement for Turkish e-visa is to have a round-trip ticket with Turkish Airlines or Pegasus Airlines. However, I just wonder whether it is possible for me to book two separate tickets:
- In-bound ticket with Turkish Airlines (from Hanoi to Istanbul)
- Out-bound ticket with Pegasus Airlines (from Istanbul to Helsinki - I have a valid Schengen visa issued by Embassy of Finland).
Do my above tickets satisfy requirements of Turkish e-visa? Thanks.


Turkey Visa for Kenyan Passport

By Fazeela Kurji

Good afternoon,

I hope you are well.

I am planning a trip to visit Turkey in March/April this year. I am a Kenyan passport holder and I wanted to ask whether we can still apply for the visa online?

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



E-visa for Canadian

By Mehdi Akbary

Good day,
I’ve filled up the application for e-visa which I believe is $70. But it showed $115!! I tried it three times!
Can you let me know what I’m doing wrong. T2020616ZPN


Entry visa to turkey

By Greg Esume

I leave in Arizona how can I get entry visa to turkey. I have Nigeria passport


eVisa for Group

By Aubrey Kim

Good Afternoon,

This is Aubrey who is planning to group travel to Turkey (5/28-6/11) from U.S.A
I would like to ask some questions regarding on eVisa. Please contact with me through the email ([email protected])

Thank you!!


Moldova Embassy

By Hakan Topuzoglu

The current address of the Embassy of Moldova is as follows. You can also confirm on their website.
Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Cad., no.106/22, Ehlibeyt mah., Balgat, Çankaya, Ankara


Register the death of my Turkish Father in Turkey

By Denize Julide Algriph


I am writing from Sweden, my father who was a dual citizen, Turkish and Swedish died in 2019 but I was recently made aware that his death is yet to be registered in Turkey.
I am his only next of kin and I do not own his ID or passport.
I do however have an official death certificate that will get an apostille stamp and handed to the Turkish embassy here, who are near impossible to get a hold of. There are legal issue with my relatives in Turkey and I am stressed to get this resolved.
Can you please help me?

What do I do?
Kind regards,


Please cancel our Turkish e-visa application

By Jawad Haroon

My order ID is T4749840AWI. Please do not process our visa application. Our travel plans have changed.


Baby entering turkeye without passport

By Petitjean

We are a French couple with a turkish ikamet leaving in isparta.
We have adopted a baby (now 5days) from algeria.
We are now making all the authorities papers with the judge.
But to make it easier, and go back home quicker, i would like to know if once we have the paper from the judge is it possible to enter turkeye without his passport?
We would like to do his passport directly from the consulat based in istanbul.

Thank you for your help.


Request for turkey 6 months or 3 months visa

By Sonia

Hello I have turkey e visa this visa have 30 days duration I need 6 month or 3 month what can I do I live in usa California I have green card and passport


TURKY visa

By Nadeem ashraf

I applied TURKY visa
How long take time



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